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Perdido in September. NEED ADVISE
Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 9:45 AM
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The family and I are heading to Perdido in Florida just east of Pensicola in late September. We will be beach side in a condo for a week and I'm planning on doing some beach fishing. Last year was my first time at this and though I had fun, I don't know that I was doing it right. I used a $20 wally world special and fresh shrimp or frozen squid bait, fishing from a 2 hook leader off the bottom. Landed a few rays, one shark (she was small), a flounder and tons of King fish (white fish). Had a blast. Looking to be a bit more successful this year. Any advise would be helpful. I've gotten a better rod, better reel and line. All salt approved. Now for hooks, leaders, weights, bait. I liked the two hook setup I was running last year with the one 2oz pyramid weight to keep the surf from dragging it out. Any better options? Also, if anyone is familiar with the Perdido/Orange Beach/Pensicola area, please feel free to lead me to some good fishing spots. HELP ME PLEASE...