When you become an Anglers’ Legacy Ambassador, you’re saying that you care enough about fishing and boating that you want to see it last forever.

Sharing the “on the water” experience with others is the key to making that happen.  Why?  Because the more anglers we have, the more (not less) opportunity for fishing and boating we all enjoy. That means more fishing license dollars can be dedicated to create access for all of us, more resources can be used to protect our waters and fish for the future, and most importantly, more voices are speaking on behalf of the sport.

The culture of fishing and boating gets deeper and stronger with every person on the water.

Anglers’ Legacy Ambassadors are key to all of these efforts:

  • Ambassadors introduce an average of 3.3 youth to fishing; 73 percent more than non‐Ambassadors.
  • Ambassadors took an average of 4.2 newcomers fishing within the last 12 months; 68 percent more than non‐Ambassadors.
  • 97 percent of Ambassadors feel that the newcomer(s) they introduced to fishing will continue to fish in the future.

At a time when we are trying to encourage kids to get outdoors and be active – and when we are worried about keeping our waters clean and fishing opportunities strong – just imagine what will happen when we reach our goal of one million new Ambassadors.

But that starts with you.  Take the Pledge.  Share the Pledge with others.

More ways to share the legacy:

  • Get your friends to take the Anglers’ Legacy Pledge by letting “The Bassador” give them an earful. Click here to listen to his clever words of wisdom.
  • Is there a better gift to give to a friend or relative than a promise to take them fishing? Probably not. Click here to download our “Fishing Trip Coupon” that you can share your family or buddies.