• New or Pre-Owned

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    Should I Buy a New or a Used Boat?

    Courtesy of DiscoverBoating.com

    Good reasons to buy new.

    1. You have a warranty on the boat and motor and the opportunity to buy an extended warranty.
    2. You start enjoying your boat right away without having to worry about having it inspected, repaired or serviced.
    3. You’re more likely to find exactly what you want, right off the showroom floor or through a custom order.
    4. Financing a new boat often allows you to negotiate much lower interest rates.
    5. Shopping for a new boat will give you more insight as to the exact kind of boat you want, instead of buying any old boat because the price is right.
    6. Problems do creep up with new boats that need to be addressed in the warranty period, but at least you have a warranty.
    7. You should always consider warranties and interest rates when comparing new and pre-owned boats.

    Things to consider when buying a used boat.

    1. Used boats can be a viable option if you don’t know how much you’ll use a boat.
    2. Used boats are cheaper than new, but only if they’re in good shape.
    3. If you buy used, you should know exactly what kind of boat you want, what you’re going to use it for and how much you’re going to use it.
    4. Even if you are considering buying a used boat, shopping for a new boat will help you discover the differences between boats and what kind of features you want on your boat.
    5. Always get a certified Marine Survey value estimate. Whether you’re shopping for a used boat online, in the newspaper or at a boat dealerships, get a Marine Survey before you buy.
    • The expense (approximately $8 to $10 per linear foot) will be money well spent, structural defects or mechanical problems on boats that are old or have not been properly cared for may be difficult to detect on your own.
    • The results can give you the power to renegotiate the price, the knowledge to step away from the deal altogether, or the peace to know that nothing will need repair in the foreseeable future.