Test the Waters

Renting is a great way to try boating before deciding to purchase a boat. Boat rentals come in a variety of forms, from hourly and daily rentals to weeks-long charters. Rental operations may not offer a wide range of boat models, but they can provide a range of boat types for you to try, giving you and your family a sample of the boating fun waiting for you on the water.

Consider trying:

  • Hourly and Daily Kayak or Canoe Rentals
  • Hourly and Daily Boat Rentals
  • Charter Boat Trips
  • Boat Clubs and Membership
  • Boat Sharing

Peer-to-Peer Boat Rentals



What people are saying about peer-to-peer rentals:
Andy Helfan grew up boating in Florida:
"Cruzin provides a great way to get on the water inexpensively and hassle-free. It's like having friends with different boats. I can pick which boat I want, when I want it," he said. "The rental process is a breeze. I was done in a few minutes and had confirmation almost immediately. The dashboard kept me informed throughout. "

A relatively new rental option to consider is Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental. This internet hosted platform provides a secure place for boat owners to generate revenue, while qualified boat renters get access to a diverse inventory of boats at affordable rates. The idea is to match up experienced boating enthusiasts who don't own a boat with current boat owners who want to defray some of the costs of keeping their vessel.

In addition to matching up boat owners with those who want to rent, peer-to-peer rental companies provide insurance, pre-screening of renters, towing services, and boating safety education. For more information on peer-to-peer rental options, visit Cruzin.com.

Content courtesy of Cruzin Boat Rentals