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    Multihull Cruisers

    Average Length: 16 to 30 ft.
    Capacity: 8
    Propulsion Type: Outboard engine, stern-drive engine
    Trailerable: Yes
    Hull Type: Catamaran, multihull

    Multihull Cruisers

    Multihull cruisers usually have two hulls and are more commonly called catamarans (two-hulled) or trimarans (three-hulled). They offer a wide, stable boat with a ride sometimes softer than vee-bottom hulls. A wide, airy main cabin is the trademark of catamaran cruisers along with lots of deck space for sunning. They typically offer onboard sleeping accommodations, plus a head and galley. They are fuel-efficient and make excellent boats for saltwater and freshwater fishing, plus scuba diving adventures, long-range cruising and island hopping.

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