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Boater's Fuel Saving Tips

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Are you tired of high fuel prices?  Check out these easy to follow, gas saving tips (PDF) that will help you go faster and farther for less.  Reduce gas consumption and save money, what could be better?

•  Steer Smart
•  Put Your Boat on a Diet
•  Props Matter
•  Change the Oil and Plugs
•  Trim Properly
•  Study Your Gauges
•  Keep It Clean

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Fuel Conservation

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Fuel-Saving Tips for Trailering

For trailer boaters, saving money on boat fuel is only half the battle — because you still have to haul your rig to and from the water. And we all know that gassing up a tow vehicle can be every bit as expensive as fueling a boat.

With that in mind, we offer the following five tips for maximizing towing economy:

Keep Up the Pressure

Maintaining the recommended maximum air pressure in tow vehicle and trailer tires will not only yield optimum fuel mileage, it also provides the greatest load-carrying capacity and keeps tires running their coolest under the grueling demands of towing.

Speed Kills...

... fuel mileage, that is. At highway speeds, fuel economy drops rapidly as you surpass 55 mph, so take it easy and watch your towing economy soar.

Easy Does It

By holding steady speeds and avoiding jackrabbit starts, hard braking and unnecessary throttle changes you can coax additional miles from every tank.

Check and Replace Air Filters

Replacing or cleaning air filter elements help engines breath easier and operate more efficiently. Some experts claim you can improve fuel economy by as much as 10 percent by servicing an extremely clogged filter.

Check Your Trailer

Maladjusted trailer brakes can drag, chewing up extra gallons of gas on each trip (not to mention cutting into brake life). Maintain and inspect your brakes regularly. At the same time, check that trailer axles are properly aligned (uneven or premature tire wear is one telltale sign that something may be amiss). When the trailer is hooked to your tow vehicle, you’ll also want to make sure that the truck and trailer are relatively level; otherwise, you invite sway that can diminish handling, braking and fuel economy.

Content courtesy of Trailer Boats Magazine