• Clean Boating Resources

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    BoatU.S. Foundation Clean Marina Locator

    Helping the environment can be as simple as choosing a marina. Whether you are looking for a new home for your boat or just selecting a destination for a weekend cruise, using a certified Clean Marina supports the businesses who have voluntarily adopted environmentally friendly practices at their marinas. Find a Clean Marina near you!

    Learn more ways to be a “Clean Boater.”

    HelpStopTheDrops.com is a new online resource dedicated to educating boaters and marinas about clean fueling. Visit the site to find practical tips and information on how to prevent the drips and drops that can accidentally escape during refueling and routine boat maintenance.

    Find out why fueling a boat is different than fueling a car and master the techniques to prevent spills. Check out the page on fuel efficiency and how to get the most from each tank of fuel. Learn about the different types of products that are available to help make clean fueling easier and read reviews on tested products to see what works.

    This Web site has something for everyone. Whether you own a small or a big boat, you’re sure to learn simple tips that will make a difference and help keep fuel where it belongs—in the tank, not the water! 

    Clean Marina Guide

    Preventing pollution can be as simple as using good maintenance practices and less caustic or toxic products. It is a way to keep your boating environment clean, promote healthy fish and shellfish and cut environmental cleanup costs.  The Clean Marinas Program suggests ways to reduce pollution in your marina.